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This is My Story – Shayna

It’s funny how a life written down on paper becomes a story, and how writing can help us (and others) understand the reasons for our actions. A love letter is used to express deep feelings of emotion; at times the writer may not even realize the power of his or her own emotions until written down. A letter left behind to family members still on this earth can heal deep wounds that have been festering for years. In the end, these words become our story. We write them to force our stories to stay in this world, refusing to be forgotten, and to propel others to see things the way we do. We take in the world around us and write it down again through words, and it we call it a story.

This is my storyShaynaMichael. My name is Shayna, I am a twenty-three year old Israeli-American who made aliyah to Israel three short years ago at the tender age of nineteen. During those three years I’ve served in the Israeli Air Force, lived through two wars, discovered the power of the human spirit and learned a lot about myself. I grew up in Messianic Judaism and after a battle within myself, I now call myself a proud Messianic. I am the classic “next generation kid” with a passion to see my movement more connected to Israel.

This series is meant to give you an inside look into what life as a soldier was like, what daily life in Israel is like, and what it means to be a Jewish believer in this country. During this short series I hope to share with you what it meant to be a female commander serving in a male dominant Air Force. I hope to share with you the ups and downs and the beauty and wonder that we find within the struggle of immigrating, and the pain of the conflict to understand it from a more inside point of view.

I hope I can give you a little look into the life of an American family living in Israel, the reality and the endless worry for my two younger siblings now serving their terms in the IDF. I hope I can give you a glimpse into the theological battles that we face and the hurdles we must overcome. I hope to share with you the incredible struggle of living in a new culture and the frustrations of acquiring Hebrew and the beauty of that final moment of communication. I hope to make you feel, smile and cry along with us as I tell the story of modern day Israel. I hope that through my stories you too will be inspired by the story of Israel.

I am honored to see Achot’s efforts to support the IDF. We are beginning to see more and more kids from our communities coming over and dedicating their lives to Israel, giving everything of themselves to a dream we’ve been fighting to keep for thousands of years. These kids, are our kids, and it’s our job to help support them. The stories here will be to better help you understand why we come, what we face and the challenges facing us in the future.

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