April 24, 2017Sisterhood of the UMJC

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Achot Board

  • Merryl Eaton
    Merryl EatonPresident, Achot Board
    Merryl Eaton is the Director of an advocacy & education project in New Haven, Connecticut that focuses on training and mobilizing people who are poor to impact public policy on social justice issues.  She attends Simchat Yisrael where her husband, Tony is the Rabbi.  She currently serves as the President of ACHOT, the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations national sisterhood and as a member of the UMJC steering committee. The Eatons have three adult children.  Merryl loves nothing more than a creative challenge. She also loves museums, musical theater, entertaining and shoes and chocolate – lots and lots of chocolate.
    • Sherry Moore
      Sherry MooreBoard Memeber, Achot Board

      I have been in the Messianic movement for 34 years (am I really that old?!)

      I have helped organize the UMJC conferences since 1998. Therefore, you have probably seen me running around at each conference “like a chicken with my head cut off”.

      I love spring time, Mexican food and people!

      • Susan Feldman
        Susan FeldmanBoard Member, Achot Board
        • Susan Lerner
          Susan LernerBoard Member, Achot Board

          Achot News Contributers

          • Shayna Michael
            Shayna MichaelWriter
            Born and raised into a third generation messianic Jewish family Shayna has shared her life traveling back and forth between Israel and America. At the age of nineteen she made the decision to voluntarily draft into the Israel Defense forces and make aliyah to Israel. During her service Shayna served as a crew commander over one of Israel’s F-15 fighter jet squadrons. She is passionate about Israel and her faith. She shares a strong love for Israel and Judaism. Her plans are to attend University in Israel this coming fall.
            • Shari Rubinstein
              Shari RubinsteinWriter
              Shari Rubinstein is a wordsmith. Since retiring from 40 years of teaching, she just published her first book—a compilation of her observations on life. She believes in the power of words to transform our lives. Her second book is scheduled to be released soon.
              Shari and her late husband, Rabbi Richard “Rube” Rubinstein, came into the Messianic Movement in the 80’s, having emerged from a counter culture experience that awakened them not only to the existence of their God, but to an awareness that being Jewish meant something in God’s plan for earth. They founded Beth Yeshua in Sacramento in 1991 and led it until Rube’s death in 2010. Shari remains at Beth Yeshua in various roles. She and Rube raised four children, one of whom—Joshua—now leads Beth Yeshua. Shari has 10 grandchildren.
              • Dorothy Gitelman
                Dorothy GitelmanEditor-in-Chief

                Dorothy Gitelman is the editor of Achot News, and the Achot Website. She writes monthly at the Messianic Times Lifestyle page, and on her own blog.

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